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You Okay?: The One Question We Always Ask and Why

What is WhiteFlag all about? Support. We are here to help people get help and give help. That’s what we do. That’s also why our blog shares a name with our favorite phrase: You okay? It’s the one question our community always asks, because it is the simplest and quickest way to check in with the people around you.

Real Talk, You Okay?

Answering that question, and answering it honestly can be infinitely more complex. We know that because we’ve lived it. We also know that the difference between seeking support and remaining isolated can be the perceived difficulty of accessing that support. When you’re at rock bottom and everything feels dark, the effort it takes to find help might outweigh the potential benefits. Support groups, therapy, treatment and other methods are important and impactful on the journey to healing, but sometimes you need a friendly word to get through a tough moment before it’s possible to engage on that level.

That’s where WhiteFlag comes in. We’ve known the comfort that comes from peers who check in and ask, “You okay?” So we set out to replicate that experience and put it in the palm of our users’ hands.

Real Connection, Real Quickly

When the tough moments happen, WhiteFlag offers immediate connection. Users need only tap a button to raise their WhiteFlag to be connected by our unique algorithm to a peer who understands what you’re going through. Our app pairs people who have similar lived experiences and challenges to facilitate connection, honesty and impactful empathy. What’s more, it’s an anonymous message-based experience, which may ease the anxiety that some people feel around phone, video and in-person sharing of tough topics. Users who have been connected can “friend” each other and continue their support.

Connection matters. Every time we bring support to someone hurting, we’ve done our job.


Want to learn more about the WhiteFlag community? Follow along with You Okay? for more insights and updates.


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