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This is Where You Find the People Who Can Hear What You’re Not Able to Say

Think back on the times you’ve most needed help. In that moment, did anything feel more difficult than admitting that need and asking for a hand?

We remember that moment well too, and we want to make it just a bit easier to manage. That’s why we built WhiteFlag. WhiteFlag is a peer-to-peer mental health app that connects helpers to people who need support with a tap of a button. But, WhiteFlag is also a community. Our members come from many backgrounds and grapple with many challenges, but they all have one thing in common — they know what it means to hear someone say “I know exactly what you mean” and actually mean it.

Our founder, Jonny McCoy, is one of those folks. He found strength in the connections he made in support groups and wanted to bring that sense of connection to anyone, anywhere, any time. If you ask Jonny, he’ll tell you that the thing that most stuck with him from those groups was finding people who could hear the things he could not bear to say. Those heavy thoughts and feelings that he could never burden friends and family with were just easier to say to people who had found themselves in the same situations he did. It later occurred to Jonny that he couldn’t be alone in that comfort, and further, that he had a chance to help so many people who hadn’t found it yet, by making those connections a bit easier to come by.

Everyone benefits from connection. Everyone deserves to be heard, seen and understood. And a friendly word can mean more than you ever know. These notions are simple, but they are the beating heart of our community and movement.

WhiteFlag is a place for everyone to find the support they need, no matter what.

No judgement, just real people helping people in pain. The more people who join us, the greater impact we can make. Follow along with the You Okay? blog for updates on our launch and insights to how you can help.


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