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Introducing a Brand New Mental Health Podcast: WhiteFlag Warriors

WhiteFlag Team

WhiteFlag Warriors, a new podcast from WhiteFlag, is not your standard mental health podcast.

Hosted by Jonny McCoy, WhiteFlag's Founder and CEO, WhiteFlag Warriors features stories of trauma, triumph, struggle, hope, options, and the truth about the mental health crisis told by those who are surviving it.

In the first episode, we hear about crime, justice, corruption, law... and how it all led to the WhiteFlag movement. The beginnings of a cycle breaker always start out with a lot of pain. Find out the “why” and “how” of Jonny McCoy.

"Truth and transparency is the antidote to trauma." - Jonny McCoy

Future episodes will be released on Wednesdays at 9pm ET. In these episodes, you'll hear REAL stories of mental health, from warriors just like YOU. You'll also hear interviews with doctors and therapists, discussing non-traditional mental health treatments, conversations with athletes, veterans, and creators, and learn insights from experts in the mental health field.

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