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Into the Abyss

Kyleigh Leist
Marketing Director

A heavy, suffocating shroud envelops me, constricting, and suffocating. Dark, relentless, isolating, unending, unforgiving, and agonizing – these are just a handful of adjectives that attempt to paint a picture of the relentless agony of living with Major Depressive Disorder. It’s a battle that wages not just in my mind, but in my soul, an unseen struggle that leaves scars deeper than any eye can see. In this candid exploration, I’ll share my journey through the twisting world of depression – a journey marked by desperation, resilience, and, ultimately, hope.

Each morning, I wake up to a symphony of despair, the weight of the world pressing on my chest. The simplest tasks become monumental feats, the very act of getting out of bed akin to scaling a mountain. Mundane routines that once brought solace now feel like insurmountable obstacles. The world loses its color, fading into a grayscale existence where joy and enthusiasm are distant memories. Every step forward feels like wading through thick, viscous tar, each breath a battle against an invisible force determined to drag me down.

The pain of depression is an abyss, a void that swallows joy, leaving only a relentless ache in its wake. It’s an insidious force that coils around my heart, squeezing tighter with every passing moment. Each breath feels like a laborious effort, as if I’m carrying the weight of the world within my chest. The simplest tasks become monumental challenges, and the world outside seems like a distant, faded canvas. Emotions, once vivid and vibrant, now blur into a grayscale spectrum of muted hues. It’s a constant battle against an invisible foe, an unending struggle that leaves me weary, drained, and desperately searching for respite. In this dark realm, every moment is a reminder of the profound weight I carry, a weight that no one else can see.

Depression has a way of isolating, creating an impenetrable fortress of self-doubt and loneliness. The mind relentlessly whispers that I am unlovable, a burden to those around me. It convinces me that my struggles are a testament to my weakness, that I’m somehow flawed beyond repair. It becomes a silent scream that echoes through my heart, drowning out the rational voice that tries desperately to remind me of my worth. In the company of others, I am the outsider, an actor on a stage, performing a role that I was never meant to play.

Maintaining relationships under the weight of depression is a delicate dance, a constant battle between the yearning for connection and the fear of being a source of negativity. I become a master of masks, hiding the tempest within, afraid that revealing my true state will drive loved ones away. It’s a paradoxical struggle of craving support while fearing rejection, yearning for understanding while feeling utterly incomprehensible. The walls I build to protect myself also serve as barriers, leaving me both desperately wanting and unable to bridge the gap.

For me, the journey through depression has taken me to the perilous edge, where the pain becomes too immense to bear. The mind tricks me into believing that there’s an escape, that perhaps the void is better than the relentless ache. It’s a dark abyss that swallows reason, leaving behind a suffocating stillness. And yet, for those who have stood on that precipice, there’s a profound revelation – the sheer resilience it takes to turn away, to choose life over the void. It’s a testament to the flicker of strength that resides within, the small spark that refuses to be extinguished.

To the world, I’m a master of disguise, a high-functioning individual who excels in my endeavors. I smile, I achieve, I persist. Yet, beneath the surface, there’s a storm raging. The energy it takes to maintain this facade is exhausting, leaving me depleted and hollow. It’s a testament to my determination, and my unwavering willpower to continue despite the unending struggle. Each accomplishment is a victory, a testament to my indomitable spirit, and a lifeline that keeps me tethered to hope.

Living with Major Depressive Disorder is an odyssey of the soul, a battle that is fought not just day by day, but moment by moment. It’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is a glimmer of hope. By sharing these raw, unfiltered experiences, I hope to shed light on the silent struggle of so many, fostering empathy, understanding, and, ultimately, healing. Remember, you are not alone in this journey, and there is strength in seeking help, in speaking your truth, and in finding hope amidst the darkness. Hold on, just like me, because there is hope. Keep fighting, because even when our depression tells us we aren't worth it – we are. And always remember, you are never alone.


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