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Jonny McCoy


Jonny is a successful business owner, entrepreneur, civil rights attorney, movement builder and philanthropist who has founded charities as well as participated on many Boards, trauma survivor, mental health advocate and founder of peer support groups. Jonny’s professional life has seen him raise money, manage the organization, planning and budgeting for a business doing 1M+ in revenue, make appearances on the Today Show, 48 Hours, Dateline, the New York Times and the Washington Post, and give motivational and keynote speeches around the country.


Dr. Jessica LoPresti


Dr. LoPresti is an assistant professor of Psychology at Suffolk University in Boston, MA.  Dr. LoPresti graduated from Williams College with a B.A. in Psychology and American Studies and received her M.A. and Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Massachusetts Boston. She has published extensively on the multi-level impact of racism on the mental health of people and communities of color as well as barriers to mental healthcare for underserved and underrepresented communities. In addition, Dr. LoPresti owns a clinical private practice where she helps clients cope with a range of psychological struggles including anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship challenges, as well as racism-related stress.


Trent Tinker


Trent has two decades of experience developing next generation solutions for government agencies and large system integrators. Trent has a Computer Science degree from the College of Charleston. He spent the last two decades developing and managing the development of geospatial applications for industry leaders in the field. This includes Esri, the Microsoft of GIS, and Hexagon, a global leader in sensor, software, and autonomous solutions.


Colton Underwood


Colton Underwood, a television personality, New York Times best-selling author and former NFL player, has become a dedicated advocate for mental health and the LGBTQ+ community. After retiring from football due to injuries, Colton founded The Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation, focusing on mental health support for collegiate athletes. As WhiteFlag’s Chief Community Officer, Colton leverages his platform and experiences to foster a supportive and inclusive community, promoting acceptance and mental health awareness.


Dr. Roshni Patel, MD


Dr. Roshni Patel, MD has practiced medicine for over 15 years, citing her desire to join the medical field as a love of serving others. Receiving her medical degree from the University of Virginia School of Medicine, completing her residency at Northeast Medical Center in Concord, NC, and now serving as the Value Based Care Medical Director for NC Health System, Dr. Patel has developed an in-depth skill set in providing insight to needs, demands, and hazards to mental health. Dr. Patel enjoys her work in family medicine as it allows her to serve patients of all ages, working to ensure that they are able to achieve a happy and healthy life.


Billy Howard


Billy Howard is an entrepreneur, business owner, developer, and revenue strategist who has over 20 years of experience in managing businesses, raising capital, roadmapping and forecasting. Additionally, Billy, who graduated from the notorious Darla Moore School of Business in Columbia, SC with a double major in finance and management, sits on several Boards. A passionate mental health advocate, Billy now focuses his energy on passion projects that make the world a better place.


Patricia McCoy

A civil engineer by trade, Patricia has extensive experience in creating and executing complex projects according to specifications. In addition, Patricia has spent time managing the accounting, administration and bookkeeping departments for a company in the housing sector. As a trauma survivor and mental health advocate, Patricia is passionate about bringing support to those who are suffering.

Eddie Dombrower

Eddie has created pioneering products and businesses for over a dozen start ups as well as well-known brands such as Atari, Activision, The Jim Henson Company, Electronic Arts, Mattel, E*TRADE,, IAC, AT&T Wireless, and Healthgrades. During his career, he has held positions of CEO, Chief Product Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, and senior executive roles in product, business innovation, creative branding, technology, and marketing. He is an experienced digital industry executive skilled in business and digital strategy, product leadership, user experience, integrated marketing, software development, and E-commerce.


Kash Kiefer

Kash Kiefer grew into his role as a national leading sales and revenue builder at a very young age. His journey started when he became the President of his SAAC (Student Athletic Advisory Committee) at the University of Maine. While representing as a college athlete, he contributed not only for the University of Maine, but also for the entire CAA (Colonial Athletic Association) at the NCAA National Committee. Kash has extensive experience in the medical sales industry through work with both Stryker Orthopedics and a Fortune 500 company, Abbott Laboratories, where he has been recognized as the #1 sales representative in the country. He prides himself on being a mental health advocate through his personal story of surviving the Route 91 Country Concert Massacre in Las Vegas.

Chance Gilmore

Chance works as a consultant, with a commitment to bringing the right strategic partners and investors to the most impactful projects. A graduate of Coastal Carolina University with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, he was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2010 and spent a brief time in professional baseball before returning to South Carolina to follow new dreams. He has worked to bring together critical pieces in large infrastructure related to port, harbor & rail projects, hotel and resort developments, entertainment venues, mixed-use urban redevelopment projects and more. A consummate team player, he is fully committed to bringing WhiteFlag’s vision to fruition—and fulfilling the mandate to positively impact millions of people in need.


Nate Boyer

Nate Boyer, The Army Green Beret, is a philanthropist, humanitarian, and former football player for the Texas Longhorns and the Seattle Seahawks. As a member of both the military veteran and athlete communities, he saw an opportunity to team up both populations to tackle their transition struggles through his charity Merging Vets & Players (MVP). Boyer’s mission is to work closely with military veterans, community leaders, and athletes, sharing his personal experiences to diminish the mental health stigma through conversation.


Justin Simmons

Justin Simmons, an NFL Free Safety for the Denver Broncos, is devoted to using his platform to help mentor the youth, his NFL community and their fans. The Pro Bowler and Walter Payton Award winner is motivated to impact the lives of these individuals by leading the mental health conversation. He strives to educate and promote the benefits of youth sports and youth education through his Justin Simmons Foundation. Justin is dedicated to joining in on the conversation about mental health, the stigmas, and helping those who need help healing.

"Brave" Dave F.

Dave is a mental health advocate, online personality, creative workhorse, and veteran of corporate operations. As Chief Content Officer, Dave tasks any media with one goal in mind: to put Whiteflag into the hearts, minds and hands of anyone who needs it. With a focus and background in mental health, parenting, relationships and addiction, Dave has an audience of nearly one million followers on social media. Dave continues to use his creativity and industry expertise to spread the message of Whiteflag, and challenge the way we think about ourselves and the world around us.

Kyleigh Leist

As a passionate mental health advocate and suicide attempt survivor, Kyleigh helps provide an authentic voice for the soundboard of our WhiteFlag brand, audience and users. Her expertise extends beyond traditional marketing channels. Through continuous learning, and thorough research, Kyleigh is well-versed in leveraging social media, content marketing, SEO, outreach and partnerships to reach and engage potential users. By harnessing the power of data analytics, she continuously optimizes campaigns to deliver meaningful user experiences and improve the app's efficacy.


Sarah Beth Wiley

A 20-year vet in the design and advertising industry, Sarah Beth brings energy and clarity to all the work she creates. Working with various clients within her career has helped hone her skills as a senior creative. She has a deep knowledge of design techniques and industry standards, but also an ability to take a client’s message to the next level. Some clients include Roku, 2020 NBA All Star Game, Raytheon, Jane Goodall & United Way. In addition to killer graphic design chops, she also creates whimsical illustrations that are used within WhiteFlag social media. A graduate of UMASS Dartmouth, summa cum laude, she has excelled working for agencies and nonprofits starting in Boston, and now in the Bay Area, California.


David Kubiak

David works in our marketing department as an associate of our Athletic and Celebrity Relations Team and also works closely with our Sales and Revenue Department. As a collegiate Student Athlete of the Year and former professional baseball player, David’s network stretches to include some of the top athletes in the world. Through discussing his personal struggles with mental illness and athletics, David has grown our partnerships exponentially and will continue to cultivate relationships in order to spread awareness about the WhiteFlag App resource and its mission.

Savannah Steakley

Savannah manages social media at WhiteFlag with a passion for creating valuable content, supporting growth, and creating a safe and memorable space for the WhiteFlag community. Having faced her own mental health challenges, she feels fulfilled by assisting others in similar situations. Using WhiteFlag's social media, Savannah builds relationships and encourages users to join our peer-to-peer support app. She combines her marketing skills with her dedication to mental health advocacy, all aimed at spreading hope and support on a global scale.


Rosalie Brancato

Rosalie Brancato is a driven and compassionate Marketing Associate at WhiteFlag, currently pursuing Public Relations at Coastal Carolina University. With a passion for mental health advocacy and a strong desire to help others, she plays a pivotal role in spreading the message of WhiteFlag. Rosalie has honed her skills in strategic communication and building meaningful relationships. Her dedication to mental health advocacy has fueled her pursuit of a career in public relations, with the firm belief in the power of open dialogue to destigmatize mental health struggles. As a part of the WhiteFlag team, Rosalie engages with organizations, influencers, and content creators to raise awareness about the WhiteFlag App.

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