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WhiteFlag can connect you to someone who understands.

The WhiteFlag movement is more than an app, it is dedicated to:

Acceptance No judgment, just real people helping people in pain.

Connection You are not alone. We help you connect with people who understand your pain.

Support  Get help and give help. Immediately. Anonymously. Free.

Healing Don't give up. WhiteFlag is a safe space where it's okay to not be okay.

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Download the FREE app and follow these steps to GET SUPPORT or GIVE SUPPORT to others. 


Set up your anonymous profile.

Check any that apply to you to connect with others who understand. There are options for your BACKGROUND, what you are SUFFERING FROM, what outlets you are COPING WITH and what you are RECOVERING FROM. 


Be who you are and share what you want.

Include one thing on your profile or connect through everything that applies. Add issues not in any list by choosing OTHER, and add subject. Tell about your unique situation in MY STORY.


Search for key words to make connections.

When you enter a term, such as Anxiety, the app finds others who have listed the same in their profile.


Our algorithm matches users with peers who are similarly situated based on their profiles. Raise your flag to GET HELP and others with the same issues will reach out. Users can also GIVE HELP to other's raised flags who they can relate to.


How does it work once you have a profile?

Report and Block.png

This is a safe space, we protect our users. 

We provide a list of emergency numbers, allow users to set their gender preference and the ability to report or block any user in the app.

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